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Various tools for React: boilerplates, routing, projects, components, containers, libraries, integration, forms, autocomplete, documentation tools, graphics and more.

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React Pillbox

Pillbox component for React. 

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Pagify it

Adding routing to React apps. 

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Redefined chart library built with React and D3 with an… 

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A collection of composable React components for building… 

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Number Picture

Low-level building blocks for constructing animated… 

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React Stockcharts

Highly customizable stock charts with ReactJS and D3. 

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React Chart.js

Common react charting components using Chart.js… 

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DevExtreme React Chart

High-performance plugin-based React chart for Bootstrap and… 

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React MapboxGL

A Mapbox-GL-js wrapper to make the API react friendly. 

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Google Map React

Isomorphic Google Map React component¬† that allows… 

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React Map GL

A React wrapper for MapboxGL-js plus overlay API. In… 

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React Gmaps

-A Google Maps component for React.js. Features: Lazy… 

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React Google Maps

React.js Google Maps integration component. 

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React Maps

A map component for React. 

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React GoogleMaps

Declarative React interface to Google maps. 

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A JSX alternative based on composing functions in the… 

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React Templates

Lightweight templates for React. 

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A complete starting app for developing universal… 

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